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For iPod, iPhone, or iPad



This music app is based on the analogy of sound waves and water waves. The interactive water surface directly controls and mimics the musical events. You can control the sounds, modes, and water animation by touching, rotating, shaking, panning of the device and some easy to learn gestures.

  • Touches and strokes generate water ripples and sounds which evolve in time.
  • Depending on the orientation of the device you can play the Aquasonic App as a vibraphone, marimba, bass or electric piano.
  • You can see the instructions through the water surface while you try the gestures.
  • The loop effect repeats musical patterns in user defined intervals.
  • The acceleration sensor is used to simulate the effect of moving lights and shadows.
  • Headphones and external speakers are required for full stereo sounds.
  • Aquasonic depends on advanced graphic features. Therefore it will run only on 3rd generation iPods, iPhone 3GS or newer. The retina display of iPhone 4 and iPod 4 is supported.

New in Version 1.1

  • A new menu allows the recording of the music and the animation of the water.
  • The recordings can be send via mail. Recipients which have installed the Aquasonic app can play the animations and sounds on their own devices.
  • Recordings can also be exported via iTunes.
  • The volume of the sounds is now dynamically controlled by the acceleration sensor. The more the touches accelerate the device the more increases the volume of the played notes.
  • The pebble backgrounds are now accompanied by animated bubbles.
  • New options in the iOS Settings / Aquasonic allow to disable the panning sounds. The activation of a menu icon prevents unintended menu popups.

Copyright Notes and References

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